Future India Library in West Bengal- Ranga Mati Village in the Bankura district

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Rajib travelled from Bangalore to West Bengal to help the poor students in Ranga Mati Village. Rajib puts lots of efforts to organize this event and arrange books to set up library.
A memorable day in Ranga Mati Village in the Bankura district of West Bengal. We spent the whole day with the Santhal people and children. Great hospitality, impeccable manners, warmth that touches the heart, respect for culture and tradition – we simply got overwhelmed.

1798573_10201547160336887_714812156_n They are very poor, mainly dependent on seasonal agriculture and rainfall, yet they are so rich in so many ways. The kids’ parents are mainly daily wage laborers who go far away from home for months to work in different parts of India.
They send some part of their meager income to these hostels who take care of the children. Some of these hostels don’t even have concrete roof or electricity and kids sleep on the floors. But I told them stories of great men like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who had a poverty-stricken childhood.

We are able to donate list of books and note books to all the students in the village this time. Encouraged them to study well and we promised them that if they work hard, we are there to support them all the way. We will send good books to help them build their library. And we will go back again next year, to see those sparkling eyes and bright smiles!

Many Thanks to all our well wishers and friends who has made this possible.
Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/WestBengalLibrary#

Future India Team

Future India Team working to provide better infrastructure @ Motilal Vidyatan School , WB

Dear All,

Future India Team is working to help students in WB for the first time. Future India Team Head for West Bengal Mr. Rajib is from Kolkatta and he personally visited the school to know the current situation. Here is the details about our first upcoming activity in West Bengal.

About School & Background :

The School – Motilal Vidyatan , is located near the Kolkata Airport in the suburban area of Dum Dum. This co-ed school was founded in 1950 and is aided by the Government. The student base is primarily composed of the lower middle class and poor people of the area. Currently there are 151 Students in this Secondary School with 49 Students in Class IX and 34 Students in Class X. The name of the Headmaster is Mr Chandan Dutta and  including him, there are 10 Teachers in the school.

What is their need  & how it will be benefited:

Rajib Says ” The reason why we need to help the school to setup its Library and Laboratory is because of the lack of it, currently the poor students of the school are not getting the right exposure and therefore beyond Class IX or X, they do not see any value in pursuing their studies and their parents are also in agreement because of the economic situation. Also most of the students are first generation school-goers (their parents never went to school). So instead, they discontinue studies and start looking for manual jobs in the local Airport and other organizations. The school is not in a position to fund the Library and Laboratory because right now it does not have sufficient funds even to buy School Benches. I personally know this school since my childhood and very recently in February 2012  I went to Kolkata and had discussions with the Headmaster, The Secretary and all the other Teachers. I also made a presentation about our Future India activities and what we can do to help Schools going through such difficult situations.”

Cost break up :

Based on the current estimation for the List of Books and Lab Equipment provided by the school, the cost comes to Rs 2000 for the Library Books and Rs 10000 for the Laboratory. It would be great if we can help the school and the poor students from Future India. There are many more schools which would need similar help and this first initiative would lay a strong foundation for expanding the Future activities of Future India in West Bengal.

Laboratory – Rs 10,000 and Library – Rs 2,000

Future India Action plan :

Get the Funding and implement it. We have already spoken to the Lab Equipment supplier. Rajib will personally make a trip to Kolkata and arrange, in association with the School, a small ceremony to inaugurate the Library & Laboratory. We’ll invite teachers & administrators from other schools as well to spread the word of Future India & our activities and make sure that poor students would get benefitted.

Funding Request :

If any of you wish to support for this activity, you can contribute via Future India.

Please visit the below link for further details


Thanks a lot for your continuous support and encouragement.


Future India Team

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