Deployed Teacher at Primary School, Tamil Nadu

Dear All,

Future India Team received request from Headmaster of TELC Primary School,, Akkur, Tamil Nadu – asking us to deploy teacher to teach all the students effectively. He also pointed out the shortage of teachers in that school and one additional teacher would help to teach 1st and 2nd standard students effectively.

We have deployed a teacher, Miss. Tamilmani A, BSc, D.T.Ed, DCA with minimum salary as she is qualified to teach 1st standard students. She is working in that school since Feb 2014, and Future India encouraged her with our minimum contribution as her salary Rs. 6000 for overall period.

Future India Team appreciates her efforts and interests to teach students at TELC Primary School and we have received very good feedback from headmaster.

Cheque Details :
Cheque No : 708161 Issued on 1st May 2014 for Rs. 6000

Miss. Tamilmani acknowledged with her heartful thanks for the encouragement. She would continue to work and teach students this year as well. After discussion with headmaster, Future India Team would consider to encourage her and students in this academic year.

Future India Team

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