20000+ Smiles through School Kit Program 2016


Future India Team managed to meet 20000 students at 260 government schools in Kolar Taluk, Karanataka in November 2016.

Our target is to meet, greet and gift note books to all students in remote government schools from kolar taluk every year. Usually, We start with few challenges including funding part, but our target is achieved with great support from well wishers and volunteers every year.

Kolar taluk is about 60km from Bangalore. It is known for agriculture and Gold mine. There is severe water scarcity and people find difficulty in getting water for daily life and farming.

There are 300+ government schools in Kolar Taluk with 25000 students. Most of them are the children of farmers and daily wage workers. Though these kids manage to reach schools, most often we see school dropouts due to unaffordablity. Our goal is to motivate them to attend schools and learn with right note books and stationaries. We learn from all the teachers that note books arranged by Future India Trust are great help for all students.

All of us could see the smiles and happiness after receiving note books. At end of the day, we leave the school campus with innocent kids shouting “Thank you sir”, which is worth millions !!!.



Future India Team is able to reach 20,000+ students at 268 government schools this year. We would like to continue this every year.

This event is not possible without your support – Volunteers with their families, Synopsys team, teachers, CRPs, well wishers and students. Future India Team thanks all the volunteers. Also, we enjoy the hospitality at every school – sweets, fruits, cumumber, mixer, biscuits, soft drinks ,hot drinks and lunch sometime.

We also thank the note book vendor – TLS Papers & Products. TLS gives enough time to collect and settle the money for his invoice.

Future India Team express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda sir (VG sir). He helps us to track the progress and is ready to offer any kind of support. It is a wonderful team work and Future India Team appreciates everyone for their sincere efforts.


Goals for Y2017: We could see the need for exam pads and water bottles. There are few schools running with less teachers – we can identify local teachers and help the students by paying nominal salary every month until government fills the vacancies. Again, this is not the permanent solution, but a small support from Future India Trust.

We need your strong support to start early and reach all students by Middle of June 2017 again.
For more photos @ https://goo.gl/photos/uQKLUbEAjf4rHyMw7

Future India Team

Note Books distribution – 200 Schools, 10000+ students in Kolar Taluk

Dear All,

Future India Team distributed note books to 10,000+ students from 200+ government schools in Kolar Taluk, Karnataka on 5th November 2016, Saturday. Future India Team thank all well wishers, volunteers, techers, students, sysnopsis team and future india members to make this happen. We express our special thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda & his team for their dedicated efforts and excellent coordination.

More photos @ https://goo.gl/photos/uQKLUbEAjf4rHyMw7


Future India Team



Dear All,

Thank you all for your great support.
50 Volunteers to load and distribute note books
20 vehicles
15 Teachers to guide us to reach school
12 Clusters in Kolar District, Karnataka
130+ Government Schools
6000+ students

We have reached 6000+ students and encouraged them with note books. We distributed note books to all students from 1st standard to 8th Standards – Drawing Book, Single Rule, Squre Note Book, Double Rule, Long Rule Book, Four Line note book and graph book.
Future India Team express our heartful thanks to all volunteers, teachers and students to make this happen. Future India express our special thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda ( CRP)for his efforts and excellent support right from the beginning. He has been helping us to collect data from every school, sorting note books and reach every student.
We are planning PHASE 2 on 5th July 2014, saturday to reach remaining students in 11 Clusters – 140+ schools – 7000+ students. Join us to celebrate this event with every student.

Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/SCHOOLKITPROGRAM2014?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Future India Team


Dear All,

This year…..23 clusters ….274 schools!!!.
We have all the notebooks printed and sorted for each cluster.

Please join us to go for distribution on 28th June 2014, Saturday.


Schedule & Plan:
Meet at Govt School, Chitrakodihalli, Tekal Road, Kolar at 7a.m on 28th June 2014, Saturday
Start distribution from 8.30a.m onwards

Future India Team.

SCHOOL KIT PROGRAM – 2014 – Need your support

Dear All,

Thank you for your encouragement and continuous support.
We have been helping students at rural villages in Kolar District for more than 3 years.

This year Y2014 – We are working to reach more than 10,000 students from 200 students, and distribute note books to encourage them. We found this program is very useful for all students at government schools based on our feedback from school teachers and cluster representatives. We are working with Mr. Veeranna Gowda sir and note book vendors to get estimation for this year.

We have collected the details about 22000 students from 31 clusters in Kolar District already. Ranadheer and Naresh are working on cost estimation based on revised guidelines ( number of note books per class).
After our first level analysis, we may need about Rs. 15 Lakhs to reach all 22000 students this year.

We have Rs. 27,000 in our Future India Trust account. We need support from all well wishers, volunteers, members and corporate to help our students in rural India. Please spread this message to reach as many volunteers as possible.

Please visit our website and blog for more details.










Once again, thank you for your continuous support

Future India Team


Dear All,

Future India Team has been working to encourage students from government schools in Kolar District, Karnakata. In Y2012, Future India Team met 3000+ students from 75 government schools. In Y2013, as part of school kit program – we wanted to meet students at 100 government schools in rural villages of Kolar district, Karnataka. We had very good response from HM  from all the schools, and we were able receive school wise student list from 125 schools. This is about 6071 students.

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Future India Team took this challenge happily and worked with Aviratha, Samsung Seva Team, Adodis, Synopsis and RECT MCA ALUMI to achive the same. More than 100 volunteers from Future India Trust , Samsung Seva Team, Adodis and IBM worked together – start from offloading notebooks from truck, sorting note books for each school, loading in truck and distribution.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Our aim was to meet every student – then greet- then gift our note books- to encourage them. We have divided our team into almost 10 groups and visited every school with note books. We took two days to complete this program – 20th July 2013 and 3rd August 2013.

Future India Team – express our sincere thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda sir for his sincere efforts to collect all the details from every schools, coordination and his help to execute our action plan. It was not possible without his help. We extend our thanks to all the headmasters and Mr. Veeranna gowda for the hospitality ( breakfast and lunch for all the volunteers).

DSC02817 ???????????????????????????????

Thanks to Naresh and Ranadheer for their efforts to segregate note books for school along with their son, relatives and volunteers from Samsung Seva Team and Adodis Volunteers. It took almost more than a week to complete this task. They arranged note books for every school and cluster seperately based on inputs received from every school.

Future India Team thank Dr. Victor Paul for providing space to keep all the note books for more than a week. It was very difficult to find a room to store all 38000 note books and segregate for each school.

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We all assembled at 5a.m on 20th July 2013, at Kadesh Children Home, Ramamurthy Nagar to load note books into trucks and personal vehicles, and it took about 3 hours to load all note books. We all assembed at Government School, Chatrakodihalli, Kolar District as planned around 9.30a.m. After a fresh breakfast and small introduction meeting with HMs, all teams headed towards their list of schools to be covered. It was wonderful experience for all of us to travel through rural villages and meet every student. All students were excited to meet us and get note books.  We were able to distribute note books for 90 schools on 20th July 2013, then all were assembled at Woodys Restaurant, Kolar for lunch and shared our experience.  We followed the same process on 3rd August 2013, Saturday to cover remaning schools. Mr. Veeranna Gowda arraged special lunch for all the volunteers and we all had very nice time.

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Future India express our heartful thanks to all the volunteers, headmasters and future india members participated in this program and made it very successful event.

Here is the details of schools covered.

Cluster No Cluster Number of Schools Number of Students Number of Note Books
1 C.R.C HARATI, KOLAR TALUK 12 733 4869
8 C.R.C HOLURU, KOLAR TALUK 9 446 2719
10 C.R.C  VADAGURU 17 872 5733
12 Extra schools based on Need 4 100 300
TOTAL 125 6071 37720


Future India Team.

Future India School Kit Program 2012

Dear All,

With great support  – Future India School Kit Program 2012 – was executed in the month of June 2012.

Future India planned SCHOOL KIT PROGRAM 2012 along with two other NGOs Aviratha and India Sudar and collected details about 15000 students from more than 150 schools in below 5 taluks in Karnataka.

  • Tumkur Taluk ,
  • Chikbellapur Taluk ,
  • Kolar Region ,
  • Chitradurga and
  • Chamrajnagar

It was big challenge to collect data on class wise from every school and make detailed distribution plan.  Future India Team took responsibility to collect data from 75 schools in Kolar District and distribute every students.

Future India received excellant support from corporates and well wishers to execute this program sucessfully in Y2012.

Future India Team express our heartful thanks to

  • Synopsys India Team – Major funding for this program & more than 50 volunteers participated with their vehicles
  • Samsung Seva Team – Funding & 20 volunteers and 5 vehicles participated
  • Adodis Team – 5 volunteers
  • RECT BATCH 98 Group Team
  • IBM Team
  • Mr Shamit Mendon and residents of Homtech Suhaanbav apartment for letting us use the premises
  • Teachers Mr. Ramesh , Mr. Veranna Gowda  and other teachers and officers for their continuous support and guidance
  • Thanks to Manish, Prabhu, Anand , Mani & Adidis team for their help to sort the note books for every school and load them into FOUR trucks.

All the volunteers reached Kolar @GHPS, Chathrakodihalli, Tekal-Kolar Road. Mr. Veranna Gowda and teachers arranged breakfast for all the volunteers at Kolar.

After breakfast, we have divided into more than 20 groups took responsibility of distributing notebooks to every students. with our planning, we were able to complete distribution to  all 5000 students by 2p.m.

And then, we all had lunch at Woody restaurant at kolar and back to Bangalore.

Important update :

– Total cost of School Kir Program 2012 is 7.5 lakhs and 15000 students benefited from more than 150 schools in Karnataka

– All the funding raised by Future India, Aviratha and India Sudar from coporates and volunteers

– Future India distrubuted note books to all 5000 students from 75 schools on 23rd June 2012, Saturday.

– Future India hired FOUR trucks for Rs. 8000 and used for this distribution –

– Aviratha distributed books in Govt Schools near KR Pet, Chamarajanagara, Gadag on Jun 16

– India sudar is distributed note books to 4500 students from 38 schools  near Gauribidanur and Madhugiri taluks

List of schools covered by Future India Team on 23rd June 2012

District/Taluk/Cluster SNO Village
Therahalli cluster 1 G.H.P.S.Therahalli.
2 G.H.P.S. Gaddekannur.
3 G.H.P.S. Kembodi.
4 G.H.P.S.Chadumanahalli
5 G.L.P.S. Basavanatta
6 G.L.P.S. Paparajanahalli
7 G.H.P.S. Kondarajanahalli
8 L.P.S.Kuppahalli.
9 G.L.P.S.Ramasandra.
10 G.L.P.S.Ajjapanahalli
11 G.L.P.S.Gutlur
12 G.L.P.S.Channarayapur
13 G.H.P.S.Huttur
14 G.H.P.S.Seesandra
15 G.L.P.S.Medithambihalli
16 G.L.P.S. Kalahastipura
17 G.L.P.S Yanadahalli
18 G.L.P.S Girnahalli
Harati Cluster 19 GHPS Bhatrahalli
20 GLPS Haralakunte
21 GLPS Chamarahalli
22 GLPS Gangapura
23 GLPS Allikunte
24 GLPS Kotiganahalli
25 GLPS H.Mallandahalli
26 GLPS Kenchapura
27 GHPS Patna
28 GHPS Harati
29 GHPS Sillangere
30 GHPS Abbani
31 GHPS Hollamballi
32 GHPS Shapur
33 GHPS Nandamballi
34 GHPS Seresandra
35 GHPS Neelakantappa
36 GLPS Doddanahalli
37 GLPS Thippasandra
38 GLPS Yarangatta
39 GLPS Agrahara Somarasanahalli
40 GLPS Hale Somarasanahalli
41 GLPS Lakshmipura
42 GLPS Chikkanahalli
43 GLPS Chinnapura
44 GLPS Shettiganahalli
45 GLPS Nernahalli
46 GLPS Dandiganahalli
47 GLPS Parshvaganahalli
48 GLPS Vadagere
49 GLPS Jangalahalli
50 GHPS Muduvatti
51 GHPS Shettikottanuru
Hosahalli Cluster 52 GHPS, Begli Hosahalli
53 GHPS, Chathrakodihalli
54 GHPS, Shingondahalli
55 GHPS, Doddahasala
56 GHPS, Dimbachamanahlli
57 GLPS, Begli Benajenahalli
58 GLPS, Cholaghatta
59 GLPS, Lakshmisagara
60 GLPS, Kooteri
61 GLPS, Koragandahalli
62 GLPS, Kallanduru
63 GLPS, Navagrama
64 GLPS, Chikkahasala
65 GLPS, Ekambahalli
66 GLPS, Gajaladinne
67 GLPS, Dimba
68 GLPS, Kurubarahalli
69 GHPS, Mangasandra
70 GHPS, Mageri
71 GLPS, Kotiganahalli
Budhikote 72 Budikote
73 Gullahalli
74 Dinnur
75 Banahalli

Ram Gautham for his efforts to make cover page design.







Thanks to all the member of Future India Trust for your continuous support.

Photos : https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/SCHOOLKITPROGRAM2012#


Future India Team

SCHOOL KIT PROGRAM – 2011 : 9026 students are benefited from 76 schools in KARNATAKA

Dear All,

Future India planned to reach 10,000 rural students through SCHOOL KIT PROGRAM 2011. We have reached 9026 students from 76 schools in 4 districts in Karnataka. This program is executed along with our partner groups India Sudar and Aviratha.

There are more than 50 volunteers from Future India, Samsung Seva Team, RECT MCA BATCH 98 Group, India Sudar, Synopsis and Aviratha participated to distribute free note books for primary and higher primary students at Govt Schools from 4 districts including bangalore.

Total cost is Rs. 5 lakhs and Future India contributed Rs. 1,61,000 along with Rs. 1,00,000 from Samsung Seva Team.

Future India express our sincere thanks to Samsung Seva Team, RECT MCA BATCH 98, India Sudar, Aviratha, Teachers and Students for their contribution, coordination and great support to make this happen.

Photos : https://picasaweb.google.com/futureindiaphotos/SCHOOLKIT2011KARNATAKA#

Future India

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