ISP – Future India helped poor student Jamuna Devi to continue her education

Dear All,

Future India Team received request from poor student Jamuna Devi P to pay her final year college fee and complete her BSc degree program.  We verified her family and financial background through Tamiz Vendan and paid her college fee.

Future India Team appreciate Tamiz vendan for his efforts and follow up to support student Jamuna Devi.

Here is the report and receipt.

Project Execution Report

Document  ID

PROJ/ 2012-13/TN/SCOH/6.2







Project   Details


Student Jamuna Devi is   from Kangayam is from very poor family. Father is daily labour and he is not   working due to health problems. Mother is also daily labour. She has been   working in dress shop as part time and earning for her educational expenses. Ms.Jamunadevi,   doing B.Sc (Computer Science) – 3rd year in an Arts College in   Erode. She scored more than 70% marks and looking for financial support to   pay her 3rd year fee Rs. 7000.

College   Details :


Project   Team

Tamizvendan P and Ravikumar   kalaimani

Beneficiaries   details

JAMUNA DEVI.P D/o Mr. Palaniswamy


Onsite Contact   details

Primary Contact Jamuna Devi P





Phone       +91-9750463390
Email ID  



Fund Details

Bank A/C Cheque issued to Jamuna Devi. P (   Cheque No. 814486 dated on 19th June   2012)
Duration        Academic year 2012-13
Project   Cost 



Details Fee ( Rs.)
3rd year College fee 7000.00
Total 7000.00
Cheque   Details   Cheque No. 814486 dated on 19th June 2012


Future India Team

Future India helped student Babinthan.J.B to complete his B.Com

Dear All,

Future India Team received a request from Indira Gandhi Internal Academy ( IGIA), Jakkur, Bangalore to help for a final year B.Com student. IGIA is a residential school ,formed to provide education for Srilankan refugee students. Currently, this school accomodate 300 students and provide accomodation, food and education upto 10th Standard for all.

However, this school encourages students to continue their education after SSLC and they take help from NGOs and well wishers.

Student Babinthan.J.B. studied in this school and doing his final year B.Com (6th semester) at Reva Institute of Science and Management, Bangalore and he had to pay Rs.10,000 for his final year. Future India paid his college fee and helped him to complete his B.Com.

Future India express our sincere thanks to Shankar and Vel for their donation to suppport the student Babinthan.J.B.

Future India Team.

[FIT – KA] School fee for 29 students at Angel Orphnage, Bangalore

Angel’s Orphanage home is being run very neatly and with full passion by Mrs.Sabina Solomon. Today they have 60+ children right from toddlers to college going girls. We know them for past many years and have been helping in different ways possible. One of the key projects here is to fund the children going to schools.

We believe these children deserve a better education to change their future. To optimally tuilise the funds, Mrs.Sabina spoke to the head of the school and got all possible reductions. After due diligence we took the decision to go head with the project and sent to Seva team. They also readily agreed. The students are tracked by our visiting members and continue to mentor students in all possible ways. Hope is to give them confidence to face the world when they step out of the home.

We have been supporting students at Angel’s orphange for their education every year. In 2011, Future India paid school fee for 29 students and helped them to continue their school education. Visit our blog for more details.

Future India paid Rs. 63,000 for all 29 students. The entire money is sponsored
by Samsung Seva Team and Future India member Mr. Venkata Ramana G

Future India express our heartful thanks to Samsung Seva Team and Venkata Ramana G for their donation.

    The beneficiary student details

Future India help a bright student to prepare for Civil Service Examinination (Main)

Our view is that Individual scholarships are meant to be a stepping stone into future – which means it may also include help poor bright aspirants to prepare for competitive exams.

Future India came across a bright student Velmurugan, who aspire to become IAS through our member K.Satheesh Kumar.Velmurugan is from Madurai from very poor family. He cleared prelims examination by putting his best efforts already. He wants to join All India Civilservices coaching centre,chennai to prepare for his main exam.

All India Civil services coaching centre,chennai provides free accomodation and food, while preparing for main examination, but every student need to pay minimum of Rs. 3000 as refundable deposit.

Velmuragan was looking for Rs. 3000 for pay his refundable deposit and join there.
After verifying his credentials, Future India paid his refundable deposit of Rs. 3000 to”The
principal,All India Civilservices coaching centre,chennai”

Cheque Details : Cheque no : 837727 – dated Aug 29,2011.

Future India express our heartful thanks to our member K.Satheeshkumar and wishes good luck for Velmurugan to clear him main exam

[FI-KL] Future India Trust paid school fee for 2 poor students in Kerala

Future India received request to support education for 3 poor students from Ottapalam, Kerama.

Mrs. Maheshwari earns living as house maid along with her husband who is working as hairdresser. They have 3 daughters, and 2 of whom go to school and one is in college. Given that 5 members need to survive with a minimal amount, the family was struggling to keep their daughters in school/college.

Through our member Dr.Roopa, full details were collected & verified. Future India decided to help all these 3 girl children in pursuit of their education.

Student: Vineetha , B.Com First year at Lakshmi Narayana college at Ottapalam, Kerala

Future India paid School Fee of Rs. 1700.00 (Cheque No : 093953 issued in favour of “Lakshmi Narayana College” date Oct 4,2011)

Student: Vijitha, Vimala , Studying in LSN Girl’s higher secondary school in Ottapalam Kerala.

Future India paid School fee of Rs. 850 for both students.

Future India express our heartful thanks to our member Dr. Roopa, for her initiative and sincere efforts to continue education of all 3 students and follow up.

Future India appreciates college and school management for their cooperation.

Future India Trust – paid college fee for 8 students for the academic year Y2011-12

Indira Gandhi Academy is being run for bright students from Srilankan refugee camps. They are given free boarding and lodging for schooling. Further assistance is being given for higher studies. Past few years have seen some good development for students once we started encouraging them in their studies.

Request was received to help few students in their PUC-II for paying the college fee. Future India Trust agreed to help these students to enable them continue their education and paid partial fee for all of the students. Rest of the required fee to be collected from parents.

We have paid partial college fee for 8 students for the academic year Y2011-12

    The beneficiary students are :

(4) Logeshwari
(5) Suganya
(6) Yashitaharan,
(7) Mohanraj
(8) Vivek

All are studying in “AgaramiAcadewmic Composit P.U College, 103/2, Sriram vidalaya campus, Jakkur layout, Bangalore -560064”.

    Total Project Cost

School Fee Students Per Student Rs. 4000.00 and total fee for all 8 students is Rs. 32,000

    Cheque Details

Chque no : 093951 issued in favour of “J.C.Kala Educational & cultural trust” for amount 20,000/-.
Chque no : 093952 issued in favour of “J.C.Kala Educational & cultural trust” for amount 12,000/-.

    Address & Contact details

Ms. Kokila Veni,
Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064
Contact @ +91-9972936139 Email ID :

Future India Trust express our heartful thanks to our members Naresh V, Ramya J, Sarat Chandar, Randheer Reddy, Shnakar Narayanan & his friend, Narendra Natarajan and SISO Seva Team for their sincere efforts and contribution to make this happen.

Future India Turst appreciates Ms. Kokila Veni for her support and cooperation.

ISP – School fee paid for Dayanidhi, studying 9th Standard in Chennai

Future India received request from Kanchana, who works as house maid to support the family of 3 children. Husband also works as Watchman in residential flat. First 2 elder sisters have managed to study, but going is tough for the last son Dayanidhi, who is studying 9th Standard at P.S.Higher Secondary school, 215, R.K.Mutt ROad, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004.

The boy is very bright and could soon be potential breadwinner for the family. Future India verified all documents and decided to help him pursue his school education. Future India will continue to monitor the progress of the student and help him further based on the outcome.

Future India paid his school fee Rs. 2550 and ecouraged him to continue his education.

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