Future India Library in West Bengal- Ranga Mati Village in the Bankura district

Dear All,

Rajib travelled from Bangalore to West Bengal to help the poor students in Ranga Mati Village. Rajib puts lots of efforts to organize this event and arrange books to set up library.
A memorable day in Ranga Mati Village in the Bankura district of West Bengal. We spent the whole day with the Santhal people and children. Great hospitality, impeccable manners, warmth that touches the heart, respect for culture and tradition – we simply got overwhelmed.

1798573_10201547160336887_714812156_n They are very poor, mainly dependent on seasonal agriculture and rainfall, yet they are so rich in so many ways. The kids’ parents are mainly daily wage laborers who go far away from home for months to work in different parts of India.
They send some part of their meager income to these hostels who take care of the children. Some of these hostels don’t even have concrete roof or electricity and kids sleep on the floors. But I told them stories of great men like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who had a poverty-stricken childhood.

We are able to donate list of books and note books to all the students in the village this time. Encouraged them to study well and we promised them that if they work hard, we are there to support them all the way. We will send good books to help them build their library. And we will go back again next year, to see those sparkling eyes and bright smiles!

Many Thanks to all our well wishers and friends who has made this possible.
Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/WestBengalLibrary#

Future India Team

Future India helps Kavipriya – (First Graduate) to continue her education

Dear All,

Future India helped Kaviarasu two years back. He graduated and working now. Kaviarasu came to know about another student near to pollachi and brought to our notice to help her in Sep 2013.

After initial verification about her school education and family background, Future India extended our support to Kavipriya. Kavipriya is from Pollachi and she scored above 80% markets in 10th and 12th Standard. Her parents very poor and family runs from their daily wages.

With local guidance, she joined B.Sc Computer science in Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, Pollachi last year. She managed to pay her first semester fee by borrowing money from relatives, neighbors and friends.

We have received the below mail from the student Kavipriya

Dear Sir,
I am living in hut near to village at pollachi and coming from economically backward family and am the first graduates in my family though my parents are illiterate. They are doing coolie work relates with Agri and pay getting is been tally with our routine things. So I have heard about this trust via my circle, applying now. Our family now not in a situation for paying fees besides this last time also borrowed money; Interest we are paying is so high. So, kindly help me further continue my studies.

Future India Team discussed with her parents and college management to verify her credentials.

Finally, Future India paid Rs. 14000 for her second semester fee to college management directly. Cheque issued to college on 16th December 2013. Future India Team is extremely happy to support Kavipriya – first graduate in her family.

Cheque No : 708158
Name : NGM, Secretery
Amount : Rs. 14,000
Cleared on : 20th December 2013

Future India expressed our thanks to Kaviarasu for his efforts and follow up.

Future India Team

Talent Recognition Program – 2014

Dear All,

Future India Team arranged “Talent Recognition Program” for students from government schools in Kolar District, Karnataka. We focused on Quiz and Drawing Competition. There are 150 students participated from more than 100 government schools in Kolar District. Total 120 students participated in Quiz Competition and 30 students participated in Drawing Competition.


Future India Team and Samsung Seva Team put their best efforts to make all arrangements. We had series of discussion with Mr.Veeranna Gowda sir to get the details of students and chosen gift items for the students. Ranadheer and Naresh spent their whole day in Chipset Market, Bangalore to select best gifts for all participants and winners. Finally, they brought school bags for all prize winners along with water bottle and hotpack. Based on suggestion from Mr. Veeranna Gowda Sir, we decided to distribute English-English-Kannada dictionaries for all participants and winners.

Samsung Seva Team put their best efforts to design trophies and medals for all prize winners. They had done great job.

Group of teachers designed question paper and conducted written test for all 120 students. They shortlisted 10 teams with 3 students per team. There are total 7-8 rounds – science, maths, English, General Knowledge, History and Sports. It was very interesting to see the talents from students and their active participation. Finally, we were able to select top 3 teams as winners.

Drawing Competition :

We distributed drawing sheets, crayons, erasers and pencils. There is no specific theme , but asked everyone to go with their own creativity. We could find many smart artists from 30 participants. It was nice to see some of the students accompanied by their parents for encouragement. Finally, we had tough time to select top 5 drawings.


We distributed English-English-Kannada dictionaries and participation certificates to all 150 participants. Distributed gifts to all prize winners. Congratulated all prize winners with trophies and medals.

Future India Team express our sincere thanks to all volunteers from Samsung Seva Team and Future IndiaTeam, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Special thanks to Mr.Veeranna Gowda for his sincere efforts and coordination to make all the arrangements. He had arranged breakfast, tea and Lunch for all the volunteers. It was really a great event to recognize hidden talents from young minds.

Special thanks to Ranadheer for his special donation Rs.10,000 for this event. Future India team express our hearty thanks to all participants, teachers, parents, Samsung seva team and volunteers.

Total Expenses:


Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/TalentRecognitionProgram2014#

Future India Team.