Future India helped Akila to continue her B.Com….

Dear All,

Hope you are all aware of our education support to student Ms.Akila M last year. Future India Team helped to join B.Com(Co-operation) course last year. Please refer our blog for more details. (https://futureindiatrust.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/future-india-helped-akila-to-continue-her-education-after-ii-puc/).

Her college fee for the second year was due on July 10, 2013. After verifying her markets and observation in 1st year, Future India Team continue to support her for second year as well. Tamiz Vendan is in regular touch with her to track her education and results. Recently she has won prize in the state-level NCC competition.

Future India Team paid her college fee Rs. 1940 and helped her to continue her B.Com. Cheque was issued to college directly and received receipt for the same. Future India Team express our heartly thanks to Tamiz Vendan for his efforts to get all details.

Future India Team.

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