Visit update on APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action ), Bangalore

Dear All,

Last saturday a couple of us visited the campus of APSA (Association for Promoting Social Action), an NGO involved in child rights and education in L.B.Shastri Nagar, Bangalore. What we saw there really impressed us.
APSA is a rights-based child-centered community development organisation working towards the development of the community through a systematic process of empowerment. Their main focus groups are street children, child labourers and other children in distress, including abandoned and runaway children, child victims of abuse and prostitution, children of sex workers as well as the larger communities of the urban slums.
They have a school for the under-privileged children in their campus called Dream School. Apart from that they have also been running a Life Skill training center called ‘Kaushalya’ for the last 2 decades, where they provide some very useful life skills training like Tailoring, Screen Printing & Stationery making, Desktop publishing & Electronics / Electrical works to under-privileged children above the age of 17 yrs.
It is a residential program with the children residing in a hostel aptly called Nammane and it is provided entirely free of cost. The program ranges from 6 to 18 months, at the end of which the children are also provided free placement in companies. During the training period they also focus on essential life skills like the English language, Personality development, Inter-personal skills, Time management etc to make it a holistic program covering all aspects of a child’s development.
There are currently about 80 children undergoing this program at Kaushalya. Anyone can also refer any needy children who can benefit from such life skills training to APSA. They take children from all over the country. The person to contact is Mr Ramkumar.
APSA also is one of the organisations which receives calls made to the child helpline – 1098. It takes care of all child abuse cases in east bangalore and surrounding areas and is doing some great work in rescuing children from distress situations like forced labour, physical & sexual abuse etc. They also provide all the help required for such children to overcome their trauma and lead normal lives once again.
APSA Brochure1
APSA Brochure2
Future India Team

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