Future India continuing to support student Vineetha at Ottapalam, Kerala.

Dear All,

Future India continuing to support student  Vineetha at  Ottapalam, Kerala. Here is the project report and details

Project   Execution Report

Document  ID PROJ/ 2012-13/KL/ SCOH/8.2
 Project Details Mrs. Maheshwari earns   living as house maid along with her husband who is a barber. They have 3   daughters 2 of whom  go to school and   one is in college. Given that 5 members need to survive with a minimal   amount, the family was struggling to keep their daughters in school/college. Through   our member. Dr.Roopa full details were collected & verified.

Future India is   continuing project for second consecutive year.

Project   Team Dr.Roopa
Beneficiaries   details Student  – Vineetha , B.Com Second  year at Lakshmi Narayana college at  Ottapalam, Kerala
Onsite   Contact details Primary Contact Mrs.Maheshwari (Mother)



Fund   Details


Bank A/C SBI R.A.Puram / Cheque   issued in college name
Duration        Academic year 2012-13
Project   Cost 



School Fee Students  
Fee 1 3500
  Total 3500
Cheque   Details  Cheque No : 814492 issued in favour of “K.Ramakrishnan,   Lakshmi Narayana College” dated Aug 1,2012


Future India Team

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