Future India helped Akila to continue her education after II PUC

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Akila is a promising student from Thiruvialaiyattam village in Taragampadi Taluk, Nagappattinam District and she is  from poor family as her parents are daily labour. In addition to studies, she is also good at extra-curricular activities. She secured second mark in the Tamil exam conducted by the Tamil Nadu Tamil Teacher’s association.

Owing to her poverty condition, her parents have not encouraged her to continue her studies even during II PUC. She tried her level best to convince her mother. Dejected Akila did a suicide attempt  during her II PUC final exam (1 exam she wrote after immediate discharge from hospital). However, she was able to score decent marks (Total 705/1200) in II PUC.

Our Future India member Tamizhvendan happend to listen her story through his relatives and  met her personally. He came to know that she is very much interested in pursuing her studies. Tamizvendan discussed with her parents, especially her mother and she is also convinced now as Future India agreed to take care of her college fees.

Fianally, Akila approached TBML College near to her village and the Vice Principal of TBML college, Poraiyar came foward and helped Akhila to join B.Com ( Co-op) Course after explaining her situation. Future India paid her college fee Rs. 3993.00 and she is a happy student at TBML College, Porayar, Nagappattinam District.

Future India would encourage and help her to complete her B.Com course.

Project   Execution Report

Document  ID

PROJ/ 2011-12/TN/ ISP/7.1







Project   Details

 AKila M is from village   Thiruvilayattam, Tamil Nadu. She is from very poor financial background as   her parents are daily labours and she has two sisters. She scored 728 out of   1200 in II PUC with great difficult and wanted to continue her education.   Future India Team found the only obstacle was her financial situation. Future   India Team helped her to join B.Com ( Co-operation) course at TBML College   (TELC), Poraiyar – 609 307, Tamil Nadu and paid her first year fee.

Project   Team

Tamiz Vendan

Beneficiaries   details




Fund Details

Bank A/C Cash paid on 3rd July   2012
Duration        Academic year 2012-13
Details Fee ( Rs.)
Admission Fees

Department Fees Co-op

TC & Application   Cost







Total 3993.00
Cheque   Details  Cash paid on 3rd July   2012

Mr.Senthil from the same village is ready to support for her bus fares.


Future India Team

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