Future India Team working to provide better infrastructure @ Motilal Vidyatan School , WB

Dear All,

Future India Team is working to help students in WB for the first time. Future India Team Head for West Bengal Mr. Rajib is from Kolkatta and he personally visited the school to know the current situation. Here is the details about our first upcoming activity in West Bengal.

About School & Background :

The School – Motilal Vidyatan , is located near the Kolkata Airport in the suburban area of Dum Dum. This co-ed school was founded in 1950 and is aided by the Government. The student base is primarily composed of the lower middle class and poor people of the area. Currently there are 151 Students in this Secondary School with 49 Students in Class IX and 34 Students in Class X. The name of the Headmaster is Mr Chandan Dutta and  including him, there are 10 Teachers in the school.

What is their need  & how it will be benefited:

Rajib Says ” The reason why we need to help the school to setup its Library and Laboratory is because of the lack of it, currently the poor students of the school are not getting the right exposure and therefore beyond Class IX or X, they do not see any value in pursuing their studies and their parents are also in agreement because of the economic situation. Also most of the students are first generation school-goers (their parents never went to school). So instead, they discontinue studies and start looking for manual jobs in the local Airport and other organizations. The school is not in a position to fund the Library and Laboratory because right now it does not have sufficient funds even to buy School Benches. I personally know this school since my childhood and very recently in February 2012  I went to Kolkata and had discussions with the Headmaster, The Secretary and all the other Teachers. I also made a presentation about our Future India activities and what we can do to help Schools going through such difficult situations.”

Cost break up :

Based on the current estimation for the List of Books and Lab Equipment provided by the school, the cost comes to Rs 2000 for the Library Books and Rs 10000 for the Laboratory. It would be great if we can help the school and the poor students from Future India. There are many more schools which would need similar help and this first initiative would lay a strong foundation for expanding the Future activities of Future India in West Bengal.

Laboratory – Rs 10,000 and Library – Rs 2,000

Future India Action plan :

Get the Funding and implement it. We have already spoken to the Lab Equipment supplier. Rajib will personally make a trip to Kolkata and arrange, in association with the School, a small ceremony to inaugurate the Library & Laboratory. We’ll invite teachers & administrators from other schools as well to spread the word of Future India & our activities and make sure that poor students would get benefitted.

Funding Request :

If any of you wish to support for this activity, you can contribute via Future India.

Please visit the below link for further details


Thanks a lot for your continuous support and encouragement.


Future India Team

Future India paid exam fee for Divya

Hello All,

We came to know about student Divya and her dream to be become a doctor through articile from Tamil Magazine ‘Avantha Vikatan’,  then we discussed with Divya and reporter Vinod Kumar to know more about them and her aim to become doctors.

She went through tough times before she got admission at Dharmapuri Medical College and she is going to complete her 1st year soon. She approached Future India Team to pay her 1st year University Exam Fee of Rs. 4,800.00.  Future India paid her fee and wish her very all the best.

Here is the article from Tamil Magazine and project report

Project Execution Report

Document  ID

PROJ/ 2011-12/TN/   ISP/6.2







Project   Details

Student   Divya P is studying MBBS first year at Govt Dharmapuri Medical College and   she is from poor family. Her father is working as painter and earning Rs.   3500 per month for livelihood. She is looking for financial support to pay   exam fee for the second semester.

College Details :



Project   Team

Ravikumar Kalaimani

Beneficiaries   details


Contact Details

Email ID divya.saiprasad18@gmail.com



Fund Details

Bank A/C Cash paid
Duration        Academic year 2012-13
Project Cost      Details Fee ( Rs.)
Exam fee 4800.00
Total 4800.00
Cheque Details  Cash paid


Future India Team


Future India School Kit Program 2012

Dear All,

With great support  – Future India School Kit Program 2012 – was executed in the month of June 2012.

Future India planned SCHOOL KIT PROGRAM 2012 along with two other NGOs Aviratha and India Sudar and collected details about 15000 students from more than 150 schools in below 5 taluks in Karnataka.

  • Tumkur Taluk ,
  • Chikbellapur Taluk ,
  • Kolar Region ,
  • Chitradurga and
  • Chamrajnagar

It was big challenge to collect data on class wise from every school and make detailed distribution plan.  Future India Team took responsibility to collect data from 75 schools in Kolar District and distribute every students.

Future India received excellant support from corporates and well wishers to execute this program sucessfully in Y2012.

Future India Team express our heartful thanks to

  • Synopsys India Team – Major funding for this program & more than 50 volunteers participated with their vehicles
  • Samsung Seva Team – Funding & 20 volunteers and 5 vehicles participated
  • Adodis Team – 5 volunteers
  • RECT BATCH 98 Group Team
  • IBM Team
  • Mr Shamit Mendon and residents of Homtech Suhaanbav apartment for letting us use the premises
  • Teachers Mr. Ramesh , Mr. Veranna Gowda  and other teachers and officers for their continuous support and guidance
  • Thanks to Manish, Prabhu, Anand , Mani & Adidis team for their help to sort the note books for every school and load them into FOUR trucks.

All the volunteers reached Kolar @GHPS, Chathrakodihalli, Tekal-Kolar Road. Mr. Veranna Gowda and teachers arranged breakfast for all the volunteers at Kolar.

After breakfast, we have divided into more than 20 groups took responsibility of distributing notebooks to every students. with our planning, we were able to complete distribution to  all 5000 students by 2p.m.

And then, we all had lunch at Woody restaurant at kolar and back to Bangalore.

Important update :

– Total cost of School Kir Program 2012 is 7.5 lakhs and 15000 students benefited from more than 150 schools in Karnataka

– All the funding raised by Future India, Aviratha and India Sudar from coporates and volunteers

– Future India distrubuted note books to all 5000 students from 75 schools on 23rd June 2012, Saturday.

– Future India hired FOUR trucks for Rs. 8000 and used for this distribution –

– Aviratha distributed books in Govt Schools near KR Pet, Chamarajanagara, Gadag on Jun 16

– India sudar is distributed note books to 4500 students from 38 schools  near Gauribidanur and Madhugiri taluks

List of schools covered by Future India Team on 23rd June 2012

District/Taluk/Cluster SNO Village
Therahalli cluster 1 G.H.P.S.Therahalli.
2 G.H.P.S. Gaddekannur.
3 G.H.P.S. Kembodi.
4 G.H.P.S.Chadumanahalli
5 G.L.P.S. Basavanatta
6 G.L.P.S. Paparajanahalli
7 G.H.P.S. Kondarajanahalli
8 L.P.S.Kuppahalli.
9 G.L.P.S.Ramasandra.
10 G.L.P.S.Ajjapanahalli
11 G.L.P.S.Gutlur
12 G.L.P.S.Channarayapur
13 G.H.P.S.Huttur
14 G.H.P.S.Seesandra
15 G.L.P.S.Medithambihalli
16 G.L.P.S. Kalahastipura
17 G.L.P.S Yanadahalli
18 G.L.P.S Girnahalli
Harati Cluster 19 GHPS Bhatrahalli
20 GLPS Haralakunte
21 GLPS Chamarahalli
22 GLPS Gangapura
23 GLPS Allikunte
24 GLPS Kotiganahalli
25 GLPS H.Mallandahalli
26 GLPS Kenchapura
27 GHPS Patna
28 GHPS Harati
29 GHPS Sillangere
30 GHPS Abbani
31 GHPS Hollamballi
32 GHPS Shapur
33 GHPS Nandamballi
34 GHPS Seresandra
35 GHPS Neelakantappa
36 GLPS Doddanahalli
37 GLPS Thippasandra
38 GLPS Yarangatta
39 GLPS Agrahara Somarasanahalli
40 GLPS Hale Somarasanahalli
41 GLPS Lakshmipura
42 GLPS Chikkanahalli
43 GLPS Chinnapura
44 GLPS Shettiganahalli
45 GLPS Nernahalli
46 GLPS Dandiganahalli
47 GLPS Parshvaganahalli
48 GLPS Vadagere
49 GLPS Jangalahalli
50 GHPS Muduvatti
51 GHPS Shettikottanuru
Hosahalli Cluster 52 GHPS, Begli Hosahalli
53 GHPS, Chathrakodihalli
54 GHPS, Shingondahalli
55 GHPS, Doddahasala
56 GHPS, Dimbachamanahlli
57 GLPS, Begli Benajenahalli
58 GLPS, Cholaghatta
59 GLPS, Lakshmisagara
60 GLPS, Kooteri
61 GLPS, Koragandahalli
62 GLPS, Kallanduru
63 GLPS, Navagrama
64 GLPS, Chikkahasala
65 GLPS, Ekambahalli
66 GLPS, Gajaladinne
67 GLPS, Dimba
68 GLPS, Kurubarahalli
69 GHPS, Mangasandra
70 GHPS, Mageri
71 GLPS, Kotiganahalli
Budhikote 72 Budikote
73 Gullahalli
74 Dinnur
75 Banahalli

Ram Gautham for his efforts to make cover page design.







Thanks to all the member of Future India Trust for your continuous support.

Photos : https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/SCHOOLKITPROGRAM2012#


Future India Team

ISP – Future India paid school fee for 9 students at Angel Orphange, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

Dear All,

Future India paid school fee for 9 students and we are looking for your continuous support for remaining students.

All 9 students are very happy to receive their school uniform and text books after paying the fee.

Future India Team & Students express our our heartful thanks to all members contributed for this cause.

Here is the project execution report

Project Execution Report

Document  ID

PROJ/ 2012-13/KA/ SCOH/6.1







Project Details

 Angels orphanage was started more than 25 years ago with the aim of providing home to poor and orphaned kids. The home is being very elegantly run my Mrs.Sabina Salamon and managed pretty well.                   REC Batch 98 group & Samsung Seva Team have been supporting these kids for few years now. Future India will join hands in supporting the educational needs and monitor the project. Scholarship program is being given to the home students.

Project Team

Ravikumar , Sivanarayanan , REC_Batch_98,SISO Seva Team

Beneficiary details

 9 high school students – Details of fee in attached sheet(s)

Onsite Contact details

Primary Contact Mrs.Sabina
Address   Angel’s OrphanageAnatha Asharam, Old Sambath Road,

Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore – 560051

Phone       +91-9901540582
Email ID   NA




Fund Details


Bank A/C SBI R.A.Puram / Cheque issued
Duration        Academic year 2011-12
Project Cost   


Name of the Student Class Fee ( Rs.)


















 Cheque Details    Total 49500.00
SBI cheque : 814488  dated June 26,2012In favour of “ St.Xavier’s high school”


Future India Team

ISP – Future India helped poor student Jamuna Devi to continue her education

Dear All,

Future India Team received request from poor student Jamuna Devi P to pay her final year college fee and complete her BSc degree program.  We verified her family and financial background through Tamiz Vendan and paid her college fee.

Future India Team appreciate Tamiz vendan for his efforts and follow up to support student Jamuna Devi.

Here is the report and receipt.

Project Execution Report

Document  ID

PROJ/ 2012-13/TN/SCOH/6.2







Project   Details


Student Jamuna Devi is   from Kangayam is from very poor family. Father is daily labour and he is not   working due to health problems. Mother is also daily labour. She has been   working in dress shop as part time and earning for her educational expenses. Ms.Jamunadevi,   doing B.Sc (Computer Science) – 3rd year in an Arts College in   Erode. She scored more than 70% marks and looking for financial support to   pay her 3rd year fee Rs. 7000.

College   Details :


Project   Team

Tamizvendan P and Ravikumar   kalaimani

Beneficiaries   details

JAMUNA DEVI.P D/o Mr. Palaniswamy


Onsite Contact   details

Primary Contact Jamuna Devi P





Phone       +91-9750463390
Email ID  



Fund Details

Bank A/C Cheque issued to Jamuna Devi. P (   Cheque No. 814486 dated on 19th June   2012)
Duration        Academic year 2012-13
Project   Cost 



Details Fee ( Rs.)
3rd year College fee 7000.00
Total 7000.00
Cheque   Details   Cheque No. 814486 dated on 19th June 2012


Future India Team

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