Future India Feastival 2012 – Report

By the time we left Nandhana Palace on Inner ring rd around 4 pm on 25th of Feb 2012, all of us from the FutureIndia team where a happy and a relieved bunch. The afternoon had turned out to be a truly memorable one that none of us will forget in a hurry.

The mood in the morning had been a little different though. We were a bit nervous. This was the first time we were organizing a fund raiser. Would people be put off by the last minute change in venue? Was Saturday a bad day to organize such an event? There were many such questions bothering us.

However all our apprehensions quickly vanished as people started trickling in steadily. Soon all the seats started to get filled up and by about 1:30pm the hall was filled to capacity. That day we had close to a 100 guests who took out their precious Saturday time to join usat the event and we would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to each one of them! We truly appreciate your support for the cause and it has given us all lot more energy to take it forward.

The event itself started with a lovely musical performance by the children from Kadeesh Home. This is a home mainly supporting under privileged children from the North East and Future India has been associated with this home and their school (Presidency School, L.B.Shastri Nagar) in the past. The amazingly talented children kept the audience spell bound for close to 30 mins with some beautiful songs in Hindi and English. The song ‘We ShallOvercome’ pretty much summed up the way we felt! We would like to thank the children and Mr. Victor, the founder of Kadeesh home for supporting the event and agreeing to perform at a short notice.

It was presentation time after that with Shiva taking the floor to give an overview to the gathered audience about Future India, our goals and objectives, the various programs we had conducted in 2011 and the plan & targets for2012. One of the key messages was about how Future India is a Zero Operational / Admin cost organization run by working professionals. This means every rupee received as a donation will be spent only on achieving our end objectives, be it buying notebooks for govt. school children or conducting a career guidance session in a remote village school. We have absolutely no staff salaries, office rentals etc and we would like to keep it this way for as long as we possibly can. The presentation also touched upon how the people in the audience could help the cause. Just to reiterate, we are really looking forward to your continued support in the future – not just monetarily but also in the form of active volunteering and participation in Future India campaigns and initiatives.

After some intense food for thought it was finally time to feed the hungry bellies! The vegetarian buffet served at Nandhana Palace was quite a sumptuous affair and we sincerely hope all the guests enjoyed it. Lunch also provided the opportunity for some of the guests to get to know each other and for us to get some new memberships! We got a total of 16 new memberships on that day.

Overall it was a very satisfying day and a great learning experience for us – one that will surely help us take the movement forward with renewed energy. Thanks once again to everyone who came to the event. For all those who wanted to but could not make it due to personal reasons, we hope to see you all again at the next Future India event – because ‘Every Bite Counts’!

Special Thanks

– Mr. Victor and children from Kadeesh Home
– Mr Pankaj Lal who was kind enough to lend his projector for the event
– Ms. Binu Jacob who gave us a donation of Rs 10000 at the event!
– Last but not least – Staff at Nandhana Palace who were very accommodating of all our demands

Guest list and Donations

The funds raised will go to Future India Account and will be used to help deserving students.

Please check photos @ https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/FirstFutureIndiaFeastivalFeb2012#

Future India Team

Future India Feastival – Thank You !!!

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