Career Guidance Program ( CGP) at Nagappattinam District, TN

Dear All,

Future India Team conducted Career Guidance Program (CGP) for PUC Students at Government Higher Secondary Schools, Akkur and Thirukkadaiyur, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu.

There are 430 students from Government School, Akkur and 285 students from Government School, Thirukadayur benefitted out of this program. Future India conducted with the help of Study Guide India.

Future India express our sincere thanks to Headmasters of both schools, K.Satheesh Kumar of Future India, Mr. Suresh and Mr. Raj Rajan for their arrangements and support.

Future India Team

Future India (WB) – My 2 day trip to Kolkaka from Rajib Das Sharma

My 2 day trip to Kolkata…

To start with, even though it was merely a 2-day trip, the goal of the trip was something that has been in my mind for more than 2 decades now. Travelling to different parts of the world, keeping my eyes, ears, heart and mind open, talking to various people, reading a lot has quite firmly entrenched the idea in my mind that if there is one problem that I need to pick that I should focus upon for the rest of my life, that would be Education for Children.

I understood the problem when as a teenager I was participating with my father in the Literacy movement, drawing posters for the meetings but I had to learn a lot myself, understand a lot myself and prepare myself a lot and it took more than 2 decades to consider myself prepared enough – because there is so much more to learn!

Fortunately in Bangalore, I came across a group of young friends who has started a group called Future India – that group is small now but the ambition is larger than life and most importantly it has given me a platform that I was looking for – a non-political group with the only goal of working with schools and improving the education scenario of children and inspired by the vision of a small time village boy who used to sell newspapers for his school fees and eventually became the President of India (and found time to build rockets for India as well).

So I went to Kolkata this time…to meet a local school and speak to the teachers and administrators…this was going to be my first firsthand encounter with reality…

And an eye-opener it was! When I said that we can help the school with the supplies, I was told that the children and their parents are so poor that they might sell off those supplies to buy food. When I proposed that we can help organize quiz, painting etc. programs to identify the hidden talent within kids, I was told that most of the kids don’t even know that such faculties exist in life.

When I said that we can provide scholarships to bright students of impoverished families who would otherwise discontinue studying, the concern raised was how do we monitor that the money will be used well? But most importantly, when I said that we would discuss about the ambitions and dreams, I was shown the glaring & stark reality that most of the students want to just pass the Eighth Grade (yes, you read it right and it’s not a typo – Eighth Grade) and look for jobs in the local Airport – that got me! And I was also told that these kids are more ambitious than their parents because their parents never even attended school!

I was comparing these kids with my son who got the Biography of Steve Jobs as a Christmas Gift. And in spite of all these challenges a handful of brilliant and hard-working teachers are giving their best to teach these kids and improve their lives.

All I know is this is not right. John Wood once said that what a kid becomes in life should not be determined by where he or she was born. That is what we need to ensure. And Failure is Not An Option.

So as first steps, we will start creating the awareness not only among these kids but also among their parents. We need to first help them to dream. The dream that made the son of a poor farmer a Rocket Scientist and then The President of India.

I know a picture can say more than thousand words, but this time I decided to take the trouble of penning 1000 words instead of few clicks…

(Along with creating the awareness, we will help the school setup a Library and Science Lab as well. And then start doing this with many more similar schools! And a great encouraging factor is all the friends and relatives with whom I discussed this in Kolkata has agreed to support in whatever way they can – that’s what we need most!)

Rajib Das Sharma
Future India – West Bengal Team

FUTURE INDIA – FEASTIVAL on 25th Feb 2012, Saturday

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