FUTURE INDIA TRUST – 1st ANNIVERSARY – 27th November 2011

[FIT – KA] School fee for 29 students at Angel Orphnage, Bangalore

Angel’s Orphanage home is being run very neatly and with full passion by Mrs.Sabina Solomon. Today they have 60+ children right from toddlers to college going girls. We know them for past many years and have been helping in different ways possible. One of the key projects here is to fund the children going to schools.

We believe these children deserve a better education to change their future. To optimally tuilise the funds, Mrs.Sabina spoke to the head of the school and got all possible reductions. After due diligence we took the decision to go head with the project and sent to Seva team. They also readily agreed. The students are tracked by our visiting members and continue to mentor students in all possible ways. Hope is to give them confidence to face the world when they step out of the home.

We have been supporting students at Angel’s orphange for their education every year. In 2011, Future India paid school fee for 29 students and helped them to continue their school education. Visit our blog for more details.

Future India paid Rs. 63,000 for all 29 students. The entire money is sponsored
by Samsung Seva Team and Future India member Mr. Venkata Ramana G

Future India express our heartful thanks to Samsung Seva Team and Venkata Ramana G for their donation.

    The beneficiary student details

KA – Garden City Jeevitha Anathasrama needs support

    Home Visited : Garden City Jeevitha Anathasrama

Visited By: Tiju Titus John / Naresh V / Rendhir Reddy V
Date: 13th November 2011
Location: TC Palya, Near St. Anotny Church / Kristu Jayanthi College. KR Puram.

    Key Facts

• Run by a Trust of the 8 ladies and mainly headed by Mary Joseph.
• Operates from a rented building. 42 Kids (13 Boys and 29 Girls). All of them are orphans or semi orphans.
• Kids Studying from LKG to PUC 2.
• 13 Kids are going to English Medium CBSE school “Christ Global Residential School” = Fees 17,900 per
year. (This includes books, uniforms, stationary etc.) – Reports cards for these kids were shared.
Pretty good.
• 1 Boy goes to PUC 1st year in New Baldwin College
• 1 Girl goes to PUC 2nd Year in the Lake Montfort College.
• Remaining goes to the nearby Kannada School.
• Monthly Expense 50,000 (Rent (11,000) + food + staff salary ( 4 staff for cleaning and cooking etc)
• Yearly expense 3 lakhs for fees.
• Have a van, which is used to kids transportation to school. Donated by Cadence + Finance …
• 80G + FCRI approved.
• Clean place / Bunker beds for the kids to sleep etc…
• Ladies goes to door-to-door collection to raise money.
• Companies like Alactel Lucent has supported once.

    Immediate Requirements

1. 19,000 Fees was due to in October. They need some assistance in paying it immediately.
2. They are looking for some one who can pay monthly rental. They are finding it source such money
every month.

    Action Items

1. Randheer will add this organization in Microsoft Program …
2. Decide if we can pay the fee.
3. Can we find a sponsor for paying the rent?


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