20000+ Smiles through School Kit Program 2016


Future India Team managed to meet 20000 students at 260 government schools in Kolar Taluk, Karanataka in November 2016.

Our target is to meet, greet and gift note books to all students in remote government schools from kolar taluk every year. Usually, We start with few challenges including funding part, but our target is achieved with great support from well wishers and volunteers every year.

Kolar taluk is about 60km from Bangalore. It is known for agriculture and Gold mine. There is severe water scarcity and people find difficulty in getting water for daily life and farming.

There are 300+ government schools in Kolar Taluk with 25000 students. Most of them are the children of farmers and daily wage workers. Though these kids manage to reach schools, most often we see school dropouts due to unaffordablity. Our goal is to motivate them to attend schools and learn with right note books and stationaries. We learn from all the teachers that note books arranged by Future India Trust are great help for all students.

All of us could see the smiles and happiness after receiving note books. At end of the day, we leave the school campus with innocent kids shouting “Thank you sir”, which is worth millions !!!.



Future India Team is able to reach 20,000+ students at 268 government schools this year. We would like to continue this every year.

This event is not possible without your support – Volunteers with their families, Synopsys team, teachers, CRPs, well wishers and students. Future India Team thanks all the volunteers. Also, we enjoy the hospitality at every school – sweets, fruits, cumumber, mixer, biscuits, soft drinks ,hot drinks and lunch sometime.

We also thank the note book vendor – TLS Papers & Products. TLS gives enough time to collect and settle the money for his invoice.

Future India Team express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda sir (VG sir). He helps us to track the progress and is ready to offer any kind of support. It is a wonderful team work and Future India Team appreciates everyone for their sincere efforts.


Goals for Y2017: We could see the need for exam pads and water bottles. There are few schools running with less teachers – we can identify local teachers and help the students by paying nominal salary every month until government fills the vacancies. Again, this is not the permanent solution, but a small support from Future India Trust.

We need your strong support to start early and reach all students by Middle of June 2017 again.
For more photos @ https://goo.gl/photos/uQKLUbEAjf4rHyMw7

Future India Team

Note Books distribution – 200 Schools, 10000+ students in Kolar Taluk

Dear All,

Future India Team distributed note books to 10,000+ students from 200+ government schools in Kolar Taluk, Karnataka on 5th November 2016, Saturday. Future India Team thank all well wishers, volunteers, techers, students, sysnopsis team and future india members to make this happen. We express our special thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda & his team for their dedicated efforts and excellent coordination.

More photos @ https://goo.gl/photos/uQKLUbEAjf4rHyMw7


Future India Team


Future India in West Bengal – Rajib’s Experience

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela

At the risk of stating the obvious, it would still make sense to highlight the fact that the future of any country depends on its children. How they get access to quality education, study materials, books that would fire up their imagination and shape their dreams, should not depend upon where they live, which economic layer they belong to or who were their ancestors.

And the Future India team precisely does that. It works with the schools, the administrators, teachers and children primarily in the rural areas and ensures that their educational needs are taken care of. Its a small team of working professionals who has the common goal of giving back to the society from where they received so much. No child should give up on going to school. That is the dream of Future India.


In this album we cover the recent Future India Project in some villages in West Bengal…the Journey started 4 years back and we are happy to share with you the progress the Team has made.

With the students we talked about the life of APJ Abdul Kalam – the son of a poor farmer who became a Rocket Scientist and then the President of India.

We met Wondergirl Payo – She is in the habit of winning, whether it’s a race she is running or being the best in the studies in her class. She wants to become an Astronaut when she grows up. She loves to sing and dance whenever she gets a chance. The fact that she does not have a pair of slippers or a bed to sleep on, does not deter her from having Fire in her Wings!


We met a Primary School Teacher who donates 50 per cent of his salary every month so that 120 boys and girls like Payo can live in the ashram and continue to go to school. He is doing a commendable job of supporting these kids whose parents are migrant laborers, working in distant cities and can hardly afford to educate their kids. An inspiration for all of us.


The Main Administrator of the school has dedicated his life for the cause of these children. He has been working with the children from his student days. A man of great ideas, vision and energy. He is the eldest in a family of six brothers and along with taking care of all the children, he takes care of his brothers and their families too. We are honored to work with him.


We met a grandfather like figure – a poet with an exceptional memory. He is part of a long generation of poets who composes poetry about the lives of people, their struggle, their love, their hopes and dreams. Despite his wavering vision and old age, he is willing to walk or bicycle any number of miles for his poetry. Some he writes and many he has memorized from his ancestors. He has offered more poems on our next trip.


We would also like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to all the well wishers, supporters, contributors, literally from across the world, without whom this progress would not have been possible.

Hope you like the progress we have made so far. Our Thousand Mile Journey has just begun with these steps!

Future India Team


Dear All,

Thank you all for your great support.
50 Volunteers to load and distribute note books
20 vehicles
15 Teachers to guide us to reach school
12 Clusters in Kolar District, Karnataka
130+ Government Schools
6000+ students

We have reached 6000+ students and encouraged them with note books. We distributed note books to all students from 1st standard to 8th Standards – Drawing Book, Single Rule, Squre Note Book, Double Rule, Long Rule Book, Four Line note book and graph book.
Future India Team express our heartful thanks to all volunteers, teachers and students to make this happen. Future India express our special thanks to Mr. Veeranna Gowda ( CRP)for his efforts and excellent support right from the beginning. He has been helping us to collect data from every school, sorting note books and reach every student.
We are planning PHASE 2 on 5th July 2014, saturday to reach remaining students in 11 Clusters – 140+ schools – 7000+ students. Join us to celebrate this event with every student.

Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105340983071140360128/SCHOOLKITPROGRAM2014?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Future India Team

Deployed Teacher at Primary School, Tamil Nadu

Dear All,

Future India Team received request from Headmaster of TELC Primary School,, Akkur, Tamil Nadu – asking us to deploy teacher to teach all the students effectively. He also pointed out the shortage of teachers in that school and one additional teacher would help to teach 1st and 2nd standard students effectively.

We have deployed a teacher, Miss. Tamilmani A, BSc, D.T.Ed, DCA with minimum salary as she is qualified to teach 1st standard students. She is working in that school since Feb 2014, and Future India encouraged her with our minimum contribution as her salary Rs. 6000 for overall period.

Future India Team appreciates her efforts and interests to teach students at TELC Primary School and we have received very good feedback from headmaster.

Cheque Details :
Cheque No : 708161 Issued on 1st May 2014 for Rs. 6000

Miss. Tamilmani acknowledged with her heartful thanks for the encouragement. She would continue to work and teach students this year as well. After discussion with headmaster, Future India Team would consider to encourage her and students in this academic year.

Future India Team


Dear All,

This year…..23 clusters ….274 schools!!!.
We have all the notebooks printed and sorted for each cluster.

Please join us to go for distribution on 28th June 2014, Saturday.


Schedule & Plan:
Meet at Govt School, Chitrakodihalli, Tekal Road, Kolar at 7a.m on 28th June 2014, Saturday
Start distribution from 8.30a.m onwards

Future India Team.

Request from Angel Orphange – Bangalore

Dear All,

We have been supporting for the students at Angel orphange for more than 10 years.
Future India Team received request from Mrs. Sabina ( caretaker) to pay school fee for below students.

1. Jyothi – 10th Standard – Rs. 8000
2. Swetha – 10th Standard – Rs. 8000
3. Sukanya- 10th Standard – Rs. 8000
4. Rajeshwari-10th Standard- Rs. 8000
5. Divya – 9th Standard – Rs. 8000
6. Meena – 9th Standard – Rs. 8000
7. Keerthana – 9th Standard – Rs. 8000
8. Vijay – 10th Standard – Rs. 8000
9. Joshna – 9th Standard – Rs. 8000
10. Puneeth – 9th Standard – Rs 8000
11. Vishnu – 9th Standard – Rs. 8000
12. Suresh – 8th Standard – Rs. 8000

The above fee for each student includes Admission fee, Tuition fee, computer fee, book fee and uniform fee.
It is again special fee structures (reduced) for the students at angel orphange. Due date to pay school fee was 6th June 2014, however we asked to extend till this month end.

Please let us know, if any of you willing to support for these students.

Future India Team

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